ABRO Radiator Coolant 1 Gallon


Sold By: Celenco Investment Co


Abro radiator coolant red is specifically formulated to replenish and condition old anti-freeze. It can also be used when straight tap water is used as a coolant. Our fortified inhibitors protect the cooling system against rust and scale, promoting an effective transfer of heat from the engine to the radiator. When your radiator is clean, your vehicle will run cooler and last longer.

  • Long Lasting
  • All Season coolant
  • Not an antifreeze
  • Helps prevent overheating
  • Protects againts rust and scale
  • Easily mixes with anti-freeze

Skake well before using, adding the entire contents to the radiator. DO NOT DILUTE. If system continues to overheat after using this product, your vehicle should be checked by a colling system specialist because a mechanical malfunction may be indicated.


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ABRO Radiator Coolant 1 Gallon
ABRO Radiator Coolant 1 Gallon